Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for help? You can find here the answers to your most common questions.

1Can I use WainApp without registration?

Yes you can. Simply use the app to explore the campaigns around you and carry-out basic search of any Wain shop directories. Being a registered user will enable you to enjoy the full benefits that WainApp has to offer, including coupons, vouchers, contests and social sharing. It is completely free, join us now and take advantage of all those benefits!

2Will I need to be registered to get full advantage WainApp?

Complete the registration to get full access to all our awesome features. Without being registered we will not be able to maintain your profile preferences, likes and settings within WainApp. By registering, we can offer you the best deals for your style.

3Do I need to fill out all my profile details in WainApp?

Your information is important to us, and will allow us to best serve you when using WainApp. We encourage you to fill out all information, so that we can give you the best shopping experience. Please note, not all fields are mandatory.

4What if one of the offers/vouchers received was rejected by the shop?

Logically those offers can’t be rejected by the shops because all the deals are posted by the retailers/shops themselves and not done by WainApp Team. If the received offer is, (a) Still Valid, (b) Not Consumed by you, (c) Meets the Terms & Conditions, & (d) legitimately coming from WainApp Application, then it shouldn’t be refused. Incase such incident happens, you will be able to report the shop or campaign and it will be reviewed and removed from the WainApp by our Admin Team if required.

5Will WainApp send me emails from 3rd party or offer or any marketing newsletters?

No. This is completely against our belief to send or sell user information to any 3rd party. WainApp was invented to provide business owners an un-intrusive (discreet) channel between brands & potential buyers. All offers and features are being aggregated for you under one app and under your control.

6Will WainApp notify me every time a new offer becomes available in the App?

The App works in a Geo-location basis, so you will be aware about offers that are around you only. The App will notify you once you enter the shopping zone or district, as a reminder to check your app, and not for every offer around you. Our reminders are non invasive, so you can enjoy your day in style.

7How does WainApp know my location?

WainApp uses your phones native capabilities of geolocation. Thus, it is very important to allow WainApp to access location information on your phone.

8How can I improve my location accuracy?

The app uses multiple features of your phone to identify your location. GSM network, Wifi and GPS are the main features that are being used for location pinpointing.

9How can I improve indoor location accuracy?

Indoor navigation is a challenging function, however, WainApp uses innovative ways to help your phone locate its position indoor. However, to achieve this you will need to enable your GSM and WiFi feature of the phone.

10How can I use or consume vouchers?

Once you receive the voucher on your WainApp, you will be able to use it at the designated shop. At the shop, complete your shopping and advise the in-store Sales team that you have a Voucher. They will simply key in a pass code to confirm the usage of the voucher. It’s that simple!

11Can I reuse a consumed Vouchers again?

No, each voucher can be used only once.

12Can I share a voucher with friends?

Yes you can share it to your friends in WainApp. Simply get your friend to join WainApp and you’ll then be able to send and receive vouchers. Please note, that once you send the voucher it will disappear from your app and appear on your friend’s app and vice-versa.

13Can I consume a screen capture or printed copy of the voucher?

No, the voucher needs to be an actual digital voucher in WainApp. Screen capture will not be accepted by the shop.

14Will I lose my setting, preferences, history and vouchers if I change my phone or reinstall the application?

Once you become a registered user all your setting and preferences will be stored at our data center. At any time you change your phone or reinstall WainApp & login using your credentials, those details will be recovered from the data centres and you will continue enjoying the app as you left it last time.

15What are contests and what do I get from them?

Contests are a way that shops communicate with you. They will post some simple questions for you to answer and upon answering them successfully you will get gift vouchers or special offer at the store. This is a great way to engage with your favourite brand and be rewarded!

16What if I need to know a campaign in a different district?

You can easily use the map to change your location and check out the campaigns in a different district. However, in this mode you will not get any vouchers or contest running at the set location. For those features you need to be physically in that location to get the voucher or contest.

17What is Selfie?

Selfie is WainApp’s sharing experience zone. You can post images of you and/or products you like under which shops you like. This gallery will be visible to all visitors of the shop at WainApp. Have fun with it!

18Can I stop or silent the notifications from the app?

Yes you can and your app will keep getting updates for you. Please keep checking from time to time so you don’t miss any interesting deals.

19How do I search for a particular Brand or Product?

You can search for products or brands or type of goods at WainApp. Shops will include any relevant brand or product information and you will be able to access this inside WainApp.

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