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Introducing your expert guide to the best stores, rewards and shopping in your local city. We’re redefining how you shop.

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Discover brands and products you like

Your city is filled with wonders, hidden gems and unique brands waiting to be discovered. Simply search for your favorite things and get instant information telling you where to find them.

Know everything that’s happening around you

Location based technology connects you with products, brands and events happening around you. It’s simple to set up and our unobtrusive alerts are customised to your personal information, meaning you’ll only ever discover the things you love.

Receive special rewards for being a loyal shopper

Engage with local shops and brands and get instant access to vouchers, shopper events and VIP rewards, just by using WainApp. WainApp connects you with amazing brands so you can plan your shopping day with style.

Share the fun

Found a beautiful boutique that you want to tell a friend about? WainApp makes it easy to share your shopping style, by using our simple social media sharing tool. Discover, engage and spread the word about your most loved stores, with your favourite people.

Sleek, simple design

We’ve blended the latest technology with our sleek and simple design to make your shopping experience magical, all from the palm of your hand.

How it works

We’re changing the way you shop to make your experience more rewarding, fun and easy. So easy in fact, it takes only 3 simple steps to get started!


Contact to your free user account.


Personalise your account so we can discover the best stores that suit your tastes.


Start shopping! We’ll inform you of the best shops, offers and events in your city.

Ready to discover a whole new way of shopping?

About us

WainApp is the vision of Double U—a unique technology company founded in Dubai.

Our mission is to to leverage the unique attributes of mobile interactive platforms and services to enable enterprise business models to reach a new level of excellence while enhancing the overall experience and engagement of customers.
We aim to provide advanced technology in our apps that specifically helps customers and businesses work together.
WainApp is our flagship product that connects the user with their favorite stores for the ultimate shopping experience.
We aim to build a strong connection between consumers and businesses through smart, innovative technology and we are continually pushing the boundaries with creative and useful apps and software.
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