We connect your store with local shoppers who are ready to buy.

WainApp blends innovative technology with local businesses, so your next customer can discover your store with ease.

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Unique location based technology

WainApp personalizes the customers shopping experience by using advanced location based technology. Customers actively seek out the brands and products in their local city using the app on their smartphone. Within the app, users can access your store listing details to make it easy and simple for them to find you.

Target marketing made simple

Our advanced technology provides the customer with local shops and products that are suited to their own style and taste. This means we only advertise your business to the right people, who are ready to buy and engage with your brand. We make marketing simple for you.

Reward your loyal customers

WainApp offers you the chance to reward your loyal customers with vouchers, events and special deals. You may choose to host a loyalty point reward system to encourage repeat buyers, offer in-store competitions to build brand awareness or showcase your latest campaign to your local customers. Everything is accessed within Wain app to streamline your marketing and lower your advertising spend.

Complete control of your branding

Enjoy total control of your branding and marketing with our secure and attractive online stores. You’ll have full control over the look and feel of your business within WainApp and we’ll handle the marketing for you. It’s simple, streamlined and ophisticated.

Beautiful reporting, made simple

As a retailer within WainApp, you’ll have access to your own reporting system that shows your customer statistics. This includes demographic detail, usage and spend statistics, your top loyal customers and more. Our reporting system is designed to give you the most relevant customer information, so you can grow and expand your business further.

How it works

The Wain platform hosts an online subscription service for stores. It is designed to make your business more visible and provide you with the tools that will help you expand your audience and streamline your marketing.

As a loyal retail member you’ll receive

An attractive, fully interactive online store

This allows you to create an appealing retail environment on the Wain platform.

Reward customers socially

Reach more customers by linking your store to major social media networks.

Streamlined marketing

Allow us to bring your customers to you, through our unique location based technology.

Choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

To enjoy WainApp and start reaching your next customers straight away, you’ll need to select the right plan for your business.

Our team will review your application, and once approved you’ll be given access to your own store portal within WainApp Start promoting your business and connecting with the right customers

Plans & Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Whether you’re a small boutique or a larger department store chain, we have the plan and pricing option for you. One of the beautiful things about signing up as a business with WainApp, is that we help to streamline your marketing costs and make the process of finding your customers that much easier

Trial Free

Take advantage of the free trial period and have full access to the platform.

  • This completely free trial without commitment. You will be able to create your Wainapp profile, Campaigning, sending voucher, statistics and much more...
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