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Hello from us, to you!

Welcome to our first blog post! We are very happy to have you here! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Whether you love to shop or not, it’s always annoying to miss out on those new shoes that were just back in stock! Most of the time it happens because you get distracted with all the amazing things that go on in Dubai and there are a lot of those! There are also so many products we tend to miss out on, because they ran out of stock or, simply, because we didn’t know about it!

This also happens because brands could not reach you at the right time. If you read about a discount at one of your favorite stores and you only got the chance to visit the shopping mall a week later – would you remember about this discount? Chances are – you won’t and oh look what just happened, you didn’t buy those shoes… and now they are out of stock…..

Marketing from retailers has become generic and consumers, especially in the Middle East want to be approached in a more direct and tailored method and this is what the Wain does. This is indeed, the new era of smart of shopping.

This is where Wain comes in – a location based mobile app developed with the methodology of helping your favorite brands come to you instead of you going to them and it’s all by a simple use of an app! Moreover, you can also discover new brands and receive vouchers from these guys! This is a shopping app that shows its users the best shopping opportunities including the best deals in Dubai and other cities in the UAE from many different brands in the user’s vicinity at that exact moment!

We’ll keep you posted here with a lot of updates regarding shopping, technology, Dubai and all the other cities we love!

It’s safe to say that you’ll never have to ask “wain” again!


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