Mirdif’s just got more happening!


The Mirdif area has always been a great place to ‘chill-out’ with your friends. The credit for that should go to the various shopping centers and malls around that area of Dubai. Mirdif City Centre, Arabian Center and Abaya Mall were the options readily available to those living in or visiting Mirdif. The latest addition to the area in terms of malls/centers is the ‘Mirdif 35’ – A Khansaheb venture!

What is this mall about? Why Mirdif ‘35’?

Mirdif 35 is a lifestyle center which is built to cater to the needs of all those living in the community. They have it all from saloons to boutiques to gym to fancy restaurants, a certain boon to those living nearby. What’s more is that all the stores in this center are not your usual stores.

– In the grocery section, they’ve got ‘Organic foods and café’ to help you eat cleaner.

-In terms of fitness, they’ve got not one, but three modern-day fitness centers! Rise fitness boutique, Innovative fitness, and Sol Pilates are the three fitness-friendly options available in this center.

-For dining, they’ve got nutritious options in the form of – Mengerie, Chateraise, Jones the grocer, Qahwatty Coffee and Cali Burger.

This will certainly help us move to the healthy side, won’t it? :p

Now one would ask, why 35? Does it have 35 shops? 35 floors? What’s with that number? Well, they’ve used the number 35 in reference to the year in which Khansaheb (the founders) were established. Well, I’m not sure of the number 35, but the look of it at least gives me a 5-star feel! So, if you decided to visit Mirdif any soon, do pay a visit to this trendy center!

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Happy Shopping! 😊

Team WainApp.

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