Maintain a Healthy Skin During Ramadan


Although Ramadan is an annual season we celebrate, we always have these adjustment periods and concerns throughout the whole month. That includes fasting, sleeping pattern, weight loss, and skin condition.

These are things that the month-long fasting affects. And as for our skincare, certain points must be taken to maintain its good condition.

Fasting plus the extreme UAE heat can turn your skin from GO to NO. Thus, here are some important points to remember to keep your skin in its best condition:


This tip has never failed. Water seems to be the solution for everything especially when it comes to taking care of our body.

DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN, WHEN YOU CAN. In this weather, hydration is vital. So, while you can’t take water during fasting hours, make sure you make it up during midnight. The right minimum amount of water intake should be 8 glasses.

Another factor that contributes to skin drying is the intake of caffeine usually in coffee, soda, and tea. So instead of drinking these, go for water instead.



Combat dehydrated dry skin by applying a moisturizer twice a day. Finding the right product for your skin type is another subject but it is important for everyone to use a moisturizer. Pick one that contains hyaluronic acid to hold a thousand times its weight in water. Simply say, it will keep you moisturized and hydrated.

Ramadan sale and discounts are everywhere so this can also be a very good season to buy the beauty essentials that you need.



Fasting makes your craving stronger and so when Iftar comes, it’s very tempting to just grab anything from the table. Food with too much sugar and salt won’t be good for your skin so go for nuts and veggies instead. They are rich in fatty acids and fiber that won’t only be healthy but will keep you going throughout the day as well.

Easy healthy picks include carrots, spinach, broccoli, fruits like strawberries and blueberries, and dates. They are full of vitamins and a great source of energy-generating minerals to boost your body and skin.



Heavy make-up under the heat can clog your pores and cause a pimple break-out. Let your skin breath by using light coverage BB and CC creams. Use a sunscreen or carry a facial mist like rosewater to refresh easily.

During seasons like Ramadan, adjustments will always be easier when you know what to do and what you need. Shop what you need easily wherever you are using WainApp. This location-based mobile app will lead you to where you can get what you need for the best deal. Click this link:

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