Justin Bieber Live in Dubai on May 6!


Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai on May 6 2017


Justin Bieber Live in Dubai on May 6!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones counting the days left before we stand in that arena and see Justin Bieber perform live here in Dubai.

Belieber or not, so many people are after the tickets to let them in to the most-awaited global tour of the pop superstar. The Purpose Tour which started in March 2016 is having its round in Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai this May 6 and Super-Fan are sold out in no time!

Don’t tell us you don’t have yours yet! Well, if you don’t, it is your lucky day and you have come to the right page.

This is your chance to be on the big event as WainApp will be giving away 10 tickets for Justin Bieber live.

How to get a hold of these tickets is actually very easy…

All you have to do is:

• First, download WainApp from App Store or Google Play store;
• Register on the app with your username and enter your profile details;
• Then, take a selfie at one of our 3 partner stores around UAE – which we will be announcing soon, so stay posted;
• Post it on social media (Facebook & Instagram) using #WainIsJB and the username you used in registering for WainApp so we will know that you are a giveaway participant.

And that’s it! No sweat!

Who knows, you could be one of the 5 lucky winners of 2 tickets to see Justin Bieber live.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and stay updated with our next announcement and other giveaways.

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