Floating Venice to hit the shores of Dubai Soon!


Dubai is home to several mesmerizing, stupendous and stunning locations and hotspots. This is one of many reasons why this city boasts more than 15 million international users annually, making it the fourth most visited city around the World (only after Bangkok, London, and Paris). Despite such wonderful numbers, this city is constantly on its feet to improve and provide the visitors with something better every year. This not only is more of an incentive to attract tourists, but it also acts as a catalyst in Dubai’s goal of being named the happiest city in the world by the end of the auspicious 2020.

One of the many projects which’d help Dubai’s cause to deliver what they are expected of would be -the ‘World Islands’. Having initiated this project way back in the year 2003, the 300 Island Archipelago is finally approaching its completion. Personally speaking, it is the project I’m most excited about en route 2020 and when I state that, I believe I speak for a good majority in Dubai 😝 Who wouldn’t be excited about an archipelago which resembles the map of the world? What’s more is that every bit of these 300 Islands is going to be filled with attractions, most of which we wouldn’t have even heard of!

These Islands represent countries of the World and the authorities have tried to add attractions to these islands which give them the vibes of their respective nations. Along the same lines, they are bringing floating Venice to Dubai in the form of a ‘Floating Resort’. Cityscape Global has just announced its plan to build this 2.5 Billion dirham worth vessel hotel which could possibly turn out to be the major attraction during the Expo 2020.

One can only hope that this beauty of a project comes to life soon enough, coz we certainly can’t wait to hop on to our very own piece of Venice, can we? We shall update you with the latest news on the Floating Venice and the other Islands in ‘The World’ in our future articles. Stay tuned for some wow-packed news coming your way in the near future.

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