There’s A Big Dubai Sale This Weekend!


Dubai sale

This weekend has everything set for our shopaholics! The biggest shopping malls in Dubai is about to give us the best offers in the region. Big discounts for shoppers and a massive sale for fashion, homeware, electronics, and many more.

What a time to be alive, right?

Shopping malls in the city of Dubai are yet to give us one of the best sale events of the year on May 18-20. Taking part in the 3-day event is more than 500 stores that will offer as much as 30 to 90 percent off on their items.

Big brands on the list include Aldo, Steve Madden, La Senza, Roberto Cavalli, Guess, Nine West, Bossini, Shoemart, Giordano and the list goes on. Galleries La Fayette will also be in the Super Sale offering you nothing but the best deals.

Why you can’t miss this one is because it will be the last biggest sale in the region before December, says Executive Director of Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment, Saeed Mohammad Maesam Al Falasi.

Moreover, retail stores can only run a sale that can offer as high as 90 percent twice a year, in accordance with the new regulation launched just this year – one is on National Day and this – the Super Sale.

This mega sale combines a clearance sale for the previous season and a welcome one just before Ramadan and the school season starts.

Mega sale events might not be there all the time but brands all over Dubai always has something to offer to shoppers. May it be discounts, new collection, or special offers – they’re always present as long as you are informed. And that’s what WainApp is for – we provide you the information you need so you can make the best with every shopping experience. If you want to know what stores have to offer even before you enter them, download WainApp and find everything in a click.

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