5 Apps You Should Know!


5 Apps You Should Know

Countless mobile apps are popping everywhere nowadays. May it be for food, shopping, music, or social engagement, it seems like there is already an app made for everything. New apps are getting famous every now and then. And sometimes, it’s just hard to keep track of what to download. If you’re one of those who just got tired of keeping themselves posted with the latest updates, you’ve come to the right page.

Let’s take a look at 5 must-know apps of today. Or if you already know some of these, well, they’re still on the top track up to date.


Musical.ly is a video-based lip-syncing app loved by a lot of teenage users. It was on top of the iOS chart back in July 2015 and is continually gaining 13 million users every month.


This app carries the idea of spontaneous togetherness. It is the easiest place to go live and be with friends in one app just like well… a houseparty!


Medium is the place for writers. It is a platform for both amateur or professional journalists and publications. It encourages social expression and sharing of a variety of ideas all over the world.
Unlike personal blog pages, you won’t be pressured with promoting your works because Medium has a huge built-in audience which means more opportunity for hit.


This app does the what other messaging apps do. You can talk to your friends and share a live chat room. Additionally, it allows users to share content and track results. Plus, the new update lets you talk not only to people but to bots! Cool, right?

If we think about it, it must be hard for a lot of app inventors to come up with something that will top the ocean of ideas around. Some app makers come up with completely new ideas and some gets a step up by improving the features or platforms they already have.

Here in the UAE, a lot of people are into shopping. And that is why we have thought of an app that will improve users’ shopping experience. WainApp does that by bringing you the best deals in Dubai all straight to your phone.


It is a location-based smart mobile app for shoppers. Because WainApp is a location-based mobile application, it will only show you offers, deals, and new collection releases that you can immediately reach based in your location.
We all know that there are already a lot of smart shopping apps around and some may think that this is just another one. Take note that unlike the usual online shopping apps, WainApp isn’t simply an online store. What it does is lead you to where you’ll get the best of offers there is so you can go home knowing that you’ve got the best shopping deals.

Stay Appdated!

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