Updated Your 2017 Summer Wardrobe!


2017 Summer Wardrobe Latest Collection

The summer season Is just getting started, so I’m sure you are looking for some new investments into your wardrobe. And by this, we don’t mean breaking the bank for a whole new closet, but rather a few nip and tucks for some fashion Botox to renovate your peg! To help you pick appropriate and chic appearance this post-June summer, we’ve gathered together key staples that are major in 2017, verified by both the street and runway style set.


1) The Perfect Match

Nothing beats the comfort of wearing loose and flowy fabrics amidst this sauna time. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a stroll on the park or a night out, here are some outfits that will make you look gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. Beauty doesn’t have to be a pain!

The Perfect Match


2) Hats & Boots

Everyone wants to keep their face protected and pretty. To avoid that burnt nose and peeling skin, here is a sunblock that makes you look good. Pair it up with a pair of matching shoes and you can go kill that street-chic style.

Hats & Boots


3) Bold And Bright

It is only natural to embrace and go with the flow of life. On a dull day, you may wear hoodies on hoodies, or maybe black to insulate the heat. On a bright and sunny day make your colors pop with getting yourself bright handbags and shoes. Stand out fabulously!

Bold And Bright


4) Go Floral

The flowers are blooming and so should you! Nothing like the classic floral print pieces to match the bright weather. Be a sunshine and spread those positive vibes wherever you go.

Go Floral


5) Bandanas And Shades

Bandanas are making a comeback! This street style is definitely a way to go this 2017. What I love about these is that you can wear them as a choker/scarf, arm wrap and so much more. Get creative and rock that retro hipster street touch. Pair it with a set of funky sunglasses and with or without your makeup, leave the house looking and feeling great.

Bandanas And Shades


6) Jumpsuit

Whether tight fitting or flowing, jumpsuits are making a comeback this year with a singular statement staple. It is a sophisticated and comfortable look that is definitely perfect for summer. Make sure you get your hands on a pair!


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