Shopping is no doubt one of the top therapies for most women. Y’all don’t mind losing some cash as long as you get that trendy dress on sale or those latest shoes at a bargain, right?

During this period of incredible discounts of DSS, City Centre Ajman is offering its customers a chance to go on a 20,000-worth mega shopping spree at a ridiculously low cost of 200 dirhams!!

Yes, you read that right. We did not believe it at first as well! It is the ‘year of giving’, and CITY CENTRE AJMAN has taken upon themselves to reward all the shopaholics out there with a treat of their own!

Once you spend AED 200 or more across any store at City Centre Ajman, you get yourself registered to the draw. The winner gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go on a shopping spree worth 20,000 AED. This offer has been running from the 6th of this month and is scheduled to end on 5th of August.

With a whole week more to go, you still stand a chance to win this shopping lottery. So what is the wait for? Get shopping from amongst the several big brands available at Ajman City Centre and make most of this incredible offer!

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