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Why am I always the last to know?
March 02,2017 By WainSquad

Hello again! Are you ready for the weekend? We are!   The weekend is here and its time to transition your wardrobe to spring and summer but do you know where to go? Aren’t you tired of not knowing about the latest sales? Discounts? Restock, perhaps? It happens because you were busy all week and you […]

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Inglot launches 10 new HD Lip Tint Matte shades!
February 28,2017 By WainSquad

INGLOT has been in the make up industry for over 30 years and has lived up to their word of providing high quality products at fair and reasonable prices. Their AMC Eyeliner gel was a product that was highly recommended by big beauty experts and their Freedom System Cosmetics Palette made every girl fall in love […]

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Welcome to Wain
February 22,2017 By WainSquad

Hello from us, to you! Welcome to our first blog post! We are very happy to have you here! Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Whether you love to shop or not, it’s always annoying to miss out on those new shoes that were just back in stock! Most of the time it happens […]

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