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Sandals for Ramadan? Berluti Got it for You
May 22,2017 By WainSquad

Sandals for Ramadan Berluti Got it for You

When it comes to leather fashion, everyone knows the name BERLUTI. Who doesn’t? In a Men’s designer shoes talk, Berluti men sandals and Berluti shoes are must haves. Through time, fashion has undeniably been part of every occasion. And this season, the Italian brand pays tribute to the region by releasing Arabian-inspired sandals that are […]

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2020: Biggest Mall in Northern Emirates to Rise
May 18,2017 By WainSquad

Northern Emirates in Sharjah by 2020

The biggest shopping mall in the Northern Emirates is yet to rise in Sharjah by 2020 – City Centre Al Zahia. Shopping malls in the UAE are almost everywhere and it looks like we are going to have more. Dubai luxury malls are one of the main factors that drive tourists in the city and […]

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There’s A Big Dubai Sale This Weekend!
May 15,2017 By WainSquad

Dubai sale

This weekend has everything set for our shopaholics! The biggest shopping malls in Dubai is about to give us the best offers in the region. Big discounts for shoppers and a massive sale for fashion, homeware, electronics, and many more. What a time to be alive, right? Shopping malls in the city of Dubai are […]

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How’s Last Weekend been for Justin and the Beliebers?
May 10,2017 By WainSquad

Bieber concert in dubai 2017

Last weekend has surely been an amazing one for both Justin Bieber and the Beliebers. The Purpose Tour in Dubai last Saturday was definitely one of the most awaited among the long list of concerts happening in the region this year. Fans can still remember the extreme delay of Bieber’s concert way back 2013 but […]

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New Jeff Koon and Louis Vuitton LINE
May 03,2017 By WainSquad

Jeff Koon’s, genius or charlatan, depending on whom you talk to — an artist known for elevating children’s toys and vacuum cleaners to the statue of the Greek gods, sitting in the office area of his 35,000-square-foot studio meditating on his latest project: a multifaceted series he has been working on under conditions of the […]

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